Be inspired. Be transformed. Be healed. Begin here. 

Yoga Church isn’t really church, although many of my students come for spiritual growth, guidance, and inspiration. And it isn’t quite a yoga class, although we do practice yoga poses and we discuss yoga philosophy. Yoga Church is a unique blend of life coaching and yoga that helps to integrate four separate parts of a person: mind, heart, body and soul.

Yoga Church In Person

This is where I host my in-person weekly classes in Avila Beach, CA, and where students from all over the world come for my retreats and for my Life Coaching + Yoga Teacher trainings. 

Yoga Church Online

This is my online sanctuary, a virtual meeting place for inspiration, transformation and healing. It's how students worldwide can practice with me from the comfort of their own home.


Learn about my in-person or online classes. Change your life through a powerful combination of life coaching and yoga.  


Become a life coach + yoga teacher in one single training. Train with me and the Yoga Church team. Learn to inspire others.


Learn more about my upcoming retreats and events. Powerfully transform your life through intense immersion.