I'm creating a boundary course that will launch for summer 2019. Part of the course will be lectures taught by me. Part of the course will be student examples that will be part interview part coaching session—showing real work and real conversation as I work through a particular boundary problem with a real human. 

You’re on this page because you’re one of the real humans that I invited to join me in creating this course. This means that I thought you’d be an asset to this course with a specific corner of boundary work that I’d like to focus on. It also means that I see you are someone I respect and trust.

More than anything, I want these interviews and coaching sessions to be real. Ideally, I’d want to work with you on camera (Zoom online conference). It’s easier for me to talk to you that way, and also, I think it’d be helpful for students to be able to have the option of video.

That said, I know that it may be easier for you to simply do audio-only. If this is you, please let me know ahead of time.

If you’re willing to roll on camera, please take a three minutes to watch this video. It’ll give you some quick tips on how to look great on a web cam.

All interviews need to be scheduled before April 30. To help me better prepare for our session, please fill out intake information below and scroll down to book your session.

This session is my gift to you, as well as complementary access to the final boundary course once it is complete.


Boundaries Course Intake
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Ideally, I'd like to meet via video. But I will do what's best for you.
By signing up for this session, I understand that this session will be recorded and will be property of Meadow DeVor to be used as part of an online course for student use only. *

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