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"In 2016, I had Meadow DeVor as a guest on HOME podcast. I was both dreading the conversation—which was about money—and I basically sat on my hands the whole time while Meadow expertly talked me through some money sobriety work. It was my first real a-ha moment with money, which was amazing, but the best part was that it was the beginning of one of my most treasured friendships.

I immediately texted Meadow after that conversation and said something along the lines of “I NEED TO WORK WITH YOU IMMEDIATELY TEACH ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW.” 

The thing is, Meadow’s brilliant. I don’t really say that lightly. She’s my friend, yes, but she’s also one of my most kindred teachers. If you have a desire to go deeper with your work, this is where you belong."

Laura McKowen, Teacher, Author, Entrepreneur. Boston, Massachusetts


"Money work = Life work. For years I didn't think this work was for me. When my income started to decrease, I decided to dive in and commit to this training. Meadow's program not only helped me to uncover beliefs I didn't even know I had, but it also helped me to see how my money beliefs were playing out in other areas of my life. Not only will your relationship with money be transformed, but YOU will be transformed as a result of your work in this program."

Shelby Messenger, Yoga Teacher, Master Somatic Coach and EFT Practitioner. Redway, California


"This course has not only saved me money, but taught me lessons about myself, my habits and the deeper reasons why I choose to spend or not spend my money. This course has created life long changes for me. I will continue to do this work for the rest of my life and I am so grateful to Meadow for her guidance and wisdom."

Kristi, Virtual Assistant, Entrepreneur and Mom. La Jolla, California


"Meadow totally takes the shame out of money work. This program is deep, insightful, challenging and fun. Money Love School gets to the root of money issues and is a catalyst for healing many facets of life, finding empowerment and reclaiming worth."

Pam Clark, Master Inquiry Coach, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Brave Love Project. Burlington, VT

"This course was the turning point in my relationship with money, and also to life as an adult! Meadow's philosophy and teachings truly changed my perspective from one of chaos and scarcity to treating money just as I would a beloved friend. Thanks to this work I now have healthy understanding of what money is, how to get it and keep it! Don't wait to sign up. You can't afford to miss this!"

Gloria Schwabe, Yoga Teacher and Introspective Development CoachStrathmore, Alberta, Canada

"As an accountant, I always thought that I could simply concoct a budget and all of my money decisions would magically work out. Boy, was I wrong! After completing Meadow’s six-month course, I now realize that my relationship with money and the beliefs behind those financial decisions are closely intertwined. 

As Meadow walked with me, step-by-step, through my deep-rooted misconceptions about money, I began to have a more realistic grasp on how I can begin to not only make more thoughtful and purposeful decisions with my money, but also that don’t have to depend on a restrictive budget anymore. I am well on my way now to a lighter, more abundant life and I will never look at money the same way anymore.

Money Love School is truly an empowering and freeing course. It’s like having your own personal money coach."

Lisa J. Walding, Former Ballet Instructor, Currently the Walding Household Bookkeeper, Empty Nester and Full-Time Accountant (24 years), Texas

"Before taking Money Love School with Meadow I did not realize there was so much more to money than just the numbers. I gained so many new insights and see money in a completely different way now. Meadow is an amazing coach and she gave me so many tools to help change my relationship with money." 

Toni Hudson, Senior Coding Specialist, Texas.


"Money has always been a mystery to me, how to make it, spend it and save it. I felt immature and impulsive in handling of money and just saw it disappearing out of my life so quickly. I decided to take Money Love School as a way to learn how to better handle money in my life. I've come away with so much more then what I expected, I'm now interested in money and excited to understand how I use it in my life. The biggest take away is how money connects me to who I am and is a mirror telling me the truth of my decisions. This is truly a life transforming course and I would do it again.

Natasha Baert, Stay-At-Home Parent, BC, Canada.