Ep. 49: The Real You

Photo credit: Disney, The Little Mermaid

Photo credit: Disney, The Little Mermaid

TODAY IS OUR ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SPIRITUALISH! Okay, that aside, this week's episode is about letting the real you be seen. We answer a letter from a woman who isn't sure how to come to terms with who she was in the past, or if she really wants or needs to. She fears the people in her life would be shocked and scatter if they knew what she was like in her drinking days--she's not even sure *she* can accept that person, either. We discuss. And, for inquiring minds, we also discuss Laura's new way of eating, her hellish week of detox, and why she decided to kick grains and sugar.

Music by Izzy DeVor.

Spiritualish is hosted by Laura McKowen and Meadow DeVor. Sometimes spiritual, always inappropriate. New episodes drop every Thursday.

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