Ep. 50: Building Your Worthy Backbone

Photo credit: Saturday Night Live

Photo credit: Saturday Night Live


Show notes

This week, we recap what happened during a girls weekend in Big Sur together. Highlights include Murder Mountain, Marie Kondo, 67 pounds of coffee, and collage making (#nerdalert). But not just any collage. We did what Meadow teaches as part of her course, The Worthy Project--a collage that drastically upended her life the first time she did it. It's a specific formula and we'll give you a fly-on-the-wall view of how we constructed ours, how it works, and how you can build your own worthy backbone.

We talked about

  • Laura taking charge during our 3-day retreat

  • friendship and being a decent one to only a handful of people

  • Meadow’s former women’s group forming the backbone of her inner circle when she was in all kinds of trouble

  • only needing one person in your inner circle of friendship

  • collages, coffee, chatting, yoga, Big Sur, and Laura’s need for alone time

  • making lists of 20 desires and what “The Worthy Project” is all about

  • some of Laura’s desires and worthiness issues and mantras

  • allowances with weighty or punishing caveats

  • deciding what you really want versus what you only think you (should) want

  • the mindset that changed Meadow’s relationship status and experience

  • constantly looking for evidence of support 

  • biggest reason why Meadow wants Laura to have a relationship she desires

  • some weird things we experienced during the retreat

  • what worthiness is and isn’t and setting expectation boundaries with the universe 


“My most courageous act of my entire life was to ask for help at that point in time. And without fail, you all got on airplanes and you came.”

“It’s just a given. You just have debt. It’s the American thing. It’s the worldwide thing. It’s just part of being an adult...Is it really required and what is it doing to me? What’s it costing me? And what would I have to believe about myself to not have it anymore?”

“To feel worthy of that, that’s what it feels like. It would feel like a non-issue, just like I am a non-issue between you and Alma.”

Ask yourself

  • What do you really want (not just what you think you should want)?

  • Is there any part of yourself that doesn’t believe you’re worthy of whatever you want right now?

  • Why would the universe/others want this for you? Why’d it be beneficial for you?

  • What do you expect from the universe in return?


“The Worthy Project” course

Enneagram Types

Eat, Pray, and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Music by Izzy DeVor.

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