Ep. 52: Impostor Syndrome

Photo: Laura in a Costco (if you want to know the backstory, listen!).

Photo: Laura in a Costco (if you want to know the backstory, listen!).


Show notes

Ahhh, Impostor Syndrome. The hidden affliction of...maybe, everyone? We break it down, talk about when we've felt it, why, how it's stopped us from moving forward, and how you can work with it so it stops stopping you.

We talked about

  • why Laura might sound a little weird, Meadow throwing out almost all of her clothes, and course announcements

  • the small difference between impostor and fraud and the ways in which the former can play out

  • Laura feeling like an impostor in the act while teaching yoga at the YMCA 

  • feeling stuck in impostor syndrome world with writing for the longest time

  • the friend who shipped her course to customers in the Internet dark age of...2004

  • the fear of appearing “ordinary” to yoga students and not being “in your head” when writing or teaching

  • choosing the “fake it ‘til you make it” approach or the “act as if” path and why one may be better to practice than the other

  • never knowing when you’re “good enough” to do the thing you want to do 

  • Simon Cowell’s truth of what it takes to get really good at what you really really want to do 

  • the point where you become paralyzed with regard to the work you desire

  • what worked for Laura to push past the paralysis when public speaking (and writing) and the two sides of impostor syndrome

  • how Meadow pretended to be less than what she was as a yoga teacher (and money coach) herself and choosing to be Seane Corn or Meadow DeVor

  • teaching from a running car, faking the floor as an office chair, and keeping it real with day-to-day business

  • Meadow’s perspective regarding her power as a teacher nowadays and us shedding our romanticism around the writer’s life

  • Laura and the annoying coffee shop patron trying to get her attention

  • showing up more honestly in your situation, the pain of not doing your thing (especially as time goes on), and even more.


“I think that you don’t have this impostor syndrome unless you actually do care.”

“No one is you and that is your power.”

“Anything that I thought was such a big deal before, I just don’t think I’m as powerful as I used to think. I don’t have the power to ruin somebody’s day...which really really allows me to just show up and do a job.”

Ask yourself

  • Is there anywhere in your life right now where you are experiencing or working through impostor syndrome? 

  • Where are you pretending to be more than you are?

  • Where are you pretending to be less than you are?

  • How can you show up more honestly in this situation?


“We Are the Luckiest” course

“The Bigger Yes” at Kripalu

Seane Corn

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

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