Ep. 37: Money, Honey

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Show notes

Most people don't realize that what you believe about money isn't a siloed belief: it always reflects your larger belief system, specifically your concepts of self-worth and how the world works. This can sound like really bad, too-big-to-fix news, but it's actually the opposite. This week, we talk about our individual money stories, including our worst mistakes, and the surprising ways we've grown to have a healthier relationship with money (hint: not by better budgeting).

We talked about

  • Meadow finding out-of-the-blue objects in the middle of a trail 

  • the inevitability of looking back at past money mistakes

  • Laura’s history with and lack of respect for money growing up

  • her first jobs, what she spent her money on, and not having fear about lack of money

  • her first time dipping into credit cards and having no concept of debt

  • thinking someone else will take care of life’s problems for you and other common beliefs about money

  • Meadow’s responsibility with money as a kid, her first debt, and troubles elsewhere eventually bleeding over into finances

  • when Laura’s financial life became unmanageable, her worst financial mistake, and the college question for Isabelle’s generation

  • bankruptcy not being the answer for getting out of all debt

  • a time Meadow had everything she wanted and still felt awful and how she turned it around

  • our generation being crippled by student loans and a perfect storm of bad circumstances doing Meadow in during the Great Recession of ’08

  • being blind to her own responsibility for her financial woes, her biggest mistake everywhere, and optimism giving way to trust

  • earning (instead of being) making you feel valuable and rigid rules pushing people away from addressing their money problems

  • Meadow finally buying more dishes, meeting a big baker dude, and being invited to a “dinner party” 

  • the surprise revelation Laura got when she talked to an annoyingly “hacky” neighbor

  • those people who never come to a dinner party in Meadow’s neighborhood, and more!


“On my mom’s side, no matter what, it is just head in the sand. No matter what your true financial picture is, you’re always gonna make sure things look good.”

“It’s a $75,000 pause on adulthood that almost every single person is doing between the ages of 18 and 25 right now.”

“You can’t go bankrupt on taxes, and you can’t go bankrupt on student loans. And those are really the two big ones that most people are facing when they’re in over their head.”

“At the time I would say I was optimistic but I had no trust, which is strange. And now I have trust and little optimism.”

Ask yourself

  • When did your relationship with money start to become unhealthy?

  • What were your beliefs surrounding money?

  • Was there ever a point where your financial life became unmanageable?


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