Ep. 61: Balance is Bullshit. Maybe?

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Show notes

Not the typical Spiritualish episode, this week we work out a question in real time. What is this elusive myth of balance? Work-life balance. Love-work balance. Family-work-love-life-home balance. Anything-balance. Is it possible? Is it even desirable? Meadow gets personal with an issue she's working through currently and we discuss whether what she's seeking is balance or something else.

We talked about

  • not having such a good week

  • Meadow’s pretty website 

  • what people might really mean by balance

  • how life isn’t really balanced after all

  • what our days look like in reality right now and how that’s not conducive to work-life balance

  • figuring out what the actual problem is if it isn’t really lack of balance

  • school season vs. off-season and its effect on work life, especially for single parents

  • balance being unachievable in a day

  • wanting to be “bad” sometimes, or at least not “good” all the time

  • the Middle Way of Buddhism

  • fear of allowing some flexibility into life

  • being rebellious and ways Meadow could rebel right now

  • when and when not to strive for balance

  • a funny text message and raunchy “instant gratification” pronouncement

  • new food=new clothes

  • taking a temporary mental ride on the fitness roller coaster

  • and a request for letters about thoughts on this topic from you, our listeners.


“Balance...is a back door way of saying, ‘I want to be perfect.’”

“If you were trying to do all the things equally, you would literally never get anywhere.”

Ask yourself

  • How are you spending your time, overall? If you feel too busy, how did you get to that place?

  • How would you rebel against what you usually do? What would you do differently?

  • What would the Middle Way look like in various aspects of your life like work, relationships, etc.?

  • Are you willing to do a lot of work to feel just a little better? Or are you in a good enough place, so you can just admit you don’t care to put in the time/effort?


Do Less: A Revolutionary Approach to Time Management for Busy Moms by Kate Northrup

One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps by Kevin Griffin

Music by Izzy DeVor

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