Ep. 62: Becoming Laura

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Show Notes

This week, we get the full backstory on how Laura came to do the work she does. She talks about what she did before 2016, how and when and why she started podcasting and blogging, what led up to the moment she quit her corporate job, making big leaps, and more.

We talked about

  • free “Feel Worthy In 5 Seconds Flat” audio training, podcast show notes notifications, and other cool stuff for email subscribers

  • gray hair and skin tone...and sagging things, bad hair days, and “Meet the Millers” 

  • who sings that song at the beginning of each episode of the podcast

  • the complication of answering the “What do you do for a living” question, and the confusion it often causes 

  • a “stupid” inspiration and how Laura played a version of her adult self as a child

  • seeking the fun in her work and people seeking her out for help in previous jobs

  • how she got her first job out of college working as a marketing coordinator in the dot com era (with free snacks and Red Bull to spare)

  • her curiosity about people’s pain and being told she should get out of the marketing business

  • the realization of time ticking by on her desire to write a book and sobriety breaking her out of her non-writing stupor

  • her secret Tumblr account for quote collecting

  • sending her very first blog posts to her email contacts and getting encouraging feedback from someone she hadn’t heard from in years

  • teaching her first 4-hour yoga workshop and loving it

  • how she got a leg up from another entrepreneur, the scariest email she’s ever written, and feeling the loan pressure

  • the major turning point for Meadow that Laura taught her

  • creating her first course and revealing her superpower

  • and more!


“I just collected words like they were rocks or something.”

“One thing I would get told over and over and over again was, ‘You have too much of a soul to be in this type of work.’”

“This can’t be my story. I couldn’t imagine spending 10 more years, 15 more years, 20 more years in advertising.”

Ask yourself

  • How old were you when you had an inkling of what you’d do, and what did that look like?

  • Looking back on your childhood, were you ever doing a version of what you’re doing now?

  • If/when someone asks you, “What do you do for a living?” how would you first respond? What’s your “elevator pitch” for the job/career/business you’ve chosen?


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