Ep. 63 Becoming Meadow

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Show Notes

This week, we get the full backstory on how Meadow came to do the work she does. She talks about the first company she owned, working for Martha Beck, being on Oprah, digging herself out of a half-million in debt, and more.

We talked about

  • the tale of Laura’s driver-less car and how it triggered old feelings

  • how 4-year old Isabelle’s love of checking the mail leads to a scary incident

  • a request to rate and review us (but only if you love us)

  • Laura’s new website and course for writers

  • Meadow’s first job as a telemarketer at age 16

  • her dialed-in elevator pitch for what she does

  • the surprising way work got in the way of entering engineering school

  • teaching piano in Tahoe for young kids, opening a piano school after the passing of her mother, and how it helped her discover her thing

  • selling the school, weekend training with Martha Beck, and the embarrassing “shut down” while trying to look smart

  • the whirlwind of getting hired by Beck, having 1-on-1 clients, and getting the call to be on Oprah 

  • the teleprompter ambush and quick save by Oprah

  • hitting rock bottom in 2009 with a divorce filing and a half million dollar debt

  • authenticity and awareness of where you’re not great when coaching others

  • losing big in real estate and her sold music school going under

  • advice from her own coach about the role she played in her own money story

  • publishing her first money blog post, Money Love, and getting out of debt

  • having a 9-year front row seat to trial and error in her coaching practice

  • the need for the Four Voices (mind, heart, body, and soul) to be addressed

  • finding “Home”, the ceiling of worthiness, Beowulf’s mother and more!


“Back then it was us and Martha in a room, and she told us jokes. You would’ve thought I met Jesus, the way I was with her.”

“‘I cannot in good faith tell anybody that they should stay married. Sometimes you just shouldn’t. And if that’s not in line with what Oprah was wanting for this episode, I’m deeply regretful.’”

“My focus is still that underlying question of what makes a person do something, or change, or really grow...it comes down to this ceiling of worthiness, what you think you’re worth.”

Ask yourself

  • Are you being authentic in your coaching of others? Which areas of your life aren’t going great and could use improvement?

  • What part do you play in your own story?


Byron Katie

Laura’s The Reclamation Room, “The Practice” course, and “Home” podcast archives

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Meadow’s Money Love and other book

Music by Izzy DeVor

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