Ep. 66 Tie the Dog to the Tree


Show Notes

"Tie the dog to the damn tree" is some advice Laura heard a few years ago and in the past month, as things started to fall apart, she realized she needed to listen. This week we talk about the anxiety and problems that ensue when we can't tell the difference between what's urgent and important, how to learn to discern between the two, and what to do.

We talked about

We talked about

  • girl power prom night for Isabelle, #notmyprom, and Meadow’s unfashionable high school prom date

  • “offerings corner” and that general out-of-control feeling around Laura this week

  • twitchy jaws, scratching cats, crashing furniture, and accidental emails

  • Laura forgetting her morning routine lately, brainwaves, and the inspiration for this week’s show

  • excitement versus anxiety and how they feel alike

  • Laura’s challenging laundry situation and its similarity to being in debt

  • fear of missing out and risking an undetermined outcome

  • hyper-vigilance, not planning ahead, and forgetting about a connection to something bigger

  • Laura’s usual morning page writing routine and the trick Seane Corn taught her for meditation

  • highlighting the difference between urgency and importance through Meadow’s grocery habits and going for longer-term planning 

  • asking questions about your future self (and making future life easier by what you do in the present) 

  • shout-out to those struggling to imagine their future self and to Laura’s ex who instinctively knew how to make his future work better

  • starting with something small.


“When I feel anxious, my best way out is to do something...usually very simple, like wash the dishes or do something tactile that accomplishes one basic thing that moves me forward.”

“I forget that I have this connection to a much bigger everything. I forget that there’s a world outside. I forget that there’s an ocean there. I forget that I have love around me. I forget that I’m not just this thing that I’m trying to do.”

Ask yourself

  • Do you care about your future self? 

  • What would be the best investment (of time/energy/money) for your future self?


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