Ep. 65 Committed to Failure


Show notes

What if you consciously committed to failure and rejection? This week we share some of our own big failures, past, and current, how to actually tell if you're failing (because sometimes, it's not obvious!), and the difference between failing smart and failing, well, dumb.

We talked about

  • CrossFit getting Laura all shook up

  • feeling like part of a community versus feeling bogged down by a group

  • Meadow’s surprising ballroom dancing past

  • a humorously mortifying incident involving work-at-home wear, a glass door, and Alma’s math tutor

  • Laura’s “The Practice” writing course and Meadow’s free audio training

  • why we chose this week’s topic and short term versus long term sustainability 

  • expensive money and what it looks like on the earning side of your business, job, and income

  • owning your failures and treating family as a business 

  • paying to work or working to get paid and Meadow’s post-workshop recovery 

  • what we mean by failure and doing it purposely by getting really clear

  • one of our most difficult failures (despite the appearance of success) and what we learned from it

  • the unexpectedly massive effect the podcast world had on Meadow’s business

  • Netflix bringing down Blockbuster and looking for the failure before it comes

  • taking a look at what is and isn’t working in various corners of your life

  • Laura facing rejection letters and how that’s actually a good thing

  • where we are committed to failing right now  

  • the scary insecurity that always grips us whenever we launch a new class or workshop

  • seeking letters about your commitments to failure, rating us on iTunes, and more!


“In the short term, it feels like everything is going super well. I am successful in what I’m doing. I can get really caught up in that. But if I look at the long term, it’s leading to surefire burnout.”

“Money has to come first for family. Think of your family as a business first. You have to be profitable as a family first.”

“You get so busy doing your job that you forget to look around you and go, ‘Oh my God, it’s a whole different decade, it’s a whole different era, it’s a whole different set of people, it’s a whole different generation...’”

Ask yourself

  • How do you know when something is in the process of failing?

  • What is and isn’t working in different aspects of your life (business, family/household, health, daily routine, emotional well-being, etc.)?

  • Where are you committed to failing in this time of your life?


“The Practice” course

Free Audio Training: Feel Worthy In 5 Seconds Flat

“Money Love School” course

“Money, then everything else” article by Paul Jarvis

Tiffany Han’s 100 Rejection Letters program

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