Ep. 70: The Anatomy of Anxiety


Show Notes

Earlier this week, Laura came within inches of a panic attack. In this episode, we dissect the thoughts and feelings leading up to that moment, how she pulled herself out, and what we learned from it. This one is a meditation on friendship, dating, foreboding joy, worthiness, and the futility of trying to control what we cannot.

We talked about

  • Laura’s very-near panic attack while meeting with a guy on a hotel deck and what set it off

  • a different perception of the world getting triggered for a couple of days after Alma’s birth

  • Meadow feeling a lack of control in a past relationship in Denver

  • using meditation to interrupt and help reverse the process of feeling anxious and overwhelmed

  • the necessity of intentional practices for Laura to return to and ground herself on a daily basis

  • dialing down an issue to one sentence and putting yourself in that space

  • what love looks like and the two questions Meadow asked that were most helpful for Laura

  • two other pearls from Meadow that stuck with Laura on the ride home

  • an eyebrow-raising quote from author Susan Piver about relationships

  • what feeling love and snorting cocaine have in common

  • joy as the most vulnerable emotion and a trigger to panic attacks

  • going over the steps Laura went through to get over the anxiety

  • using the tools you have to help you instead of leaving them sitting on the shelf and more!


“My mind keeps wanting to go back. ‘No, hold onto that story. Or let’s go down that story. Or what about that thought?’”

“He’s allowed to not like you, and you’re allowed to not see anything wrong with yourself for it.”

“Panic can only live in the unreal, only can live in that fantasy.”


Tara Brach’s Meditations

Box Breathing

Helen Fisher’s “Why We Love, Why We Cheat” Ted Talk

Brené Brown: ‘Joy Is the Most Vulnerable Emotion We Experience’ (Video)

Sarah Wilson’s First, We Make the Beast Beautiful and other books