Private Coaching

Permanently change through laser-focused coaching custom-tailored for you.

I love teaching classes, training coaches, writing, podcasting and leading retreats -- but my real, true, secret love -- the love that my entire career has been built upon -- started with, and remains one-to-one coaching. Behind the scenes, in these private conversations, I laugh with you, cry with you, witness you and walk beside you as we create strategies for lasting change. Due to my demanding schedule, I can only offer a limited number of private coaching packages to serious students who want laser-focused and custom-tailored help.

Sessions may focus on:

  • relationship to money, others, self and body

  • trying to figure out whether to stay or go (in a marriage, job, or place)

  • working through limitations so you can launch your new business

  • breaking patterns that keep you stuck

  • finding hope, purpose and motivation to make permanent changes

  • setting healthy boundaries so that you can experience true intimacy while protecting your sovereignty

  • anything else that you might want to work on

To be considered for private coaching please fill out the application below. Once accepted, we will book a 15-minute consultation (no-charge) to give you more information about working with me and to make sure that we are a good fit. Coaching packages start at $500. 

**Please note that I'm currently under a publishing deadline for my upcoming book and completely unable to take on private clients right now. To be put on my waitlist, please fill out the application below.**

Application for Private Coaching

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