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Give yourself a complete money make-over in six weeks. This Self-Guided Course is an intensive study of the tools from Money Love, plus stories from my life mixed in with plenty of client examples.  You'll learn simple techniques that you can easily implement to immediately change your relationship with money. Learn the Four Types of Spending and how they impact your bottom line. Learn the Three Types of Earning and why you'll never feel abundant if you're working a job you hate. Learn how to use the Abundance Scale to change the way you think, feel, and act around money. Find out why your relationship with money isn't about the numbers (or lack thereof) in your bank account. This is an easy-to-use course to help you permanently find relief.

The course is separated into six weekly topics -- Preparing for the Truth, Opening Your Eyes, The Truth About How You Spend, The Truth About How You Earn, Recovering from the Truth, and Practicing the Truth. Each week begins with an audio introduction, daily journal prompts for self-guided money work throughout the week, and ends with an audio re-cap.

This course includes over four hours of audio lectures taught by Meadow and comes with free a digital copy of Money Love as well as a free digital copy of the Money Love Workbook. (If you'd prefer to purchase additional hard copies you can buy them on Amazon through the links on this page). Your downloads will be available immediately after purchase.


  • How to deal with anxiety, worry and fear around money.
  • Critical tools that will revolutionize your financial life.
  • What your spending habits mean about you and how to create lasting change that will improve your bottom line.
  • Why you are in debt and how to get out of debt, without deprivation, permanently.
  • How to feel good about and worthy of earning more money. 
  • How to improve your relationship with money, with yourself, and with your life.
  • How to change the trajectory of your financial life.
  • How to create lasting change (and more dollars) in a meaningful and purposeful way.
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