Student Reviews

They Did It. So Can You.

Hear from others who found their own sense of worthiness.


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"I had no idea that this would be THE BEST course I have ever taken. Who knew that I would have a radical shift in my sense of worthiness in six weeks? The teaching, coaching, and care that Meadow provides are honestly priceless. Oh, and your fellow classmates will become some of your greatest friends & biggest heroes. This will be work that stays with me and changes me for the rest of my life. If you ever have an opportunity to participate in The Worthy Project - do it!"


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"I had no idea there was a connection between my sense of self-worth and how I earn and spend time and money. The course not only brought this to light but taught me small changes that add up to big results both in my wallet and my outlook."


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"I didn’t take this course because I needed help with money. I took it because I love listening to the Spiritualish podcast and liked the idea of working on my sense of worth in the deepest parts of myself. This course cracked me wide open, in a good way. It has changed me in the same way Brene Brown’s work changed me.... so be warned. Don’t enter in unless you’re ready to open Pandora’s box. This course was a life changer."


"Don't take this course unless you want to examine how  even the smallest actions or thoughts enforce feelings  and beliefs of unworthiness. This is deep, life-changing work and the best 6-week time investment for personal growth and big change! Meadow is truly using her god-given gifts to change lives."


"This course helped me to realize I am capable of so much more in my life than I ever I believed before. It helped me to stop doubting myself and I learned so much! The content in this course is life changing and fun. Meadow is hands down the best coach ever and truly cares about helping others."


"I'm one of "those" people who has money in the bank and not much love for myself... my dollar worth tells one story, my lifestyle another. Through a variety of lenses, Meadow has helped me understand how I express my self-worth in the world and how to slowly shift and cultivate a greater sense of worthiness. "


"Although I have worked with Meadow DeVor for many years, and participated in some of her most intense retreats and trainings (all of which were awesome), the Worthy Project took me to a completely new level of self-discovery. It made me understand how central self-worth is to everything in life - be it relationships, family, work, health, money, creativity...  Through many very carefully created self-inquiry exercises, Meadow helped me discover how often I subconsciously slide into feelings of unworthiness, and how to subtly, gradually and firmly turn my compass in the other direction. The consequences are huge!" 


"I never understood that my debt and financial troubles were connected to my self worth, or more precisely, the lack of it. The Worthy Project has helped me finally face my financial fears by making me take a hard look at my beliefs and behaviors, and how they are so closely tied in with money. The real blessing was the unwavering support of Meadow and that of the online community. Taking this course has proved to have been extremely beneficial in ways I couldn't even imagine!”


“This course helped me to gain insight into how I hold myself back and appreciate what I have in my life.   This six weeks was a deep dive into all parts of myself and how life is showing me what I am creating and accepting.  I  enjoyed the format where I could honestly answer the questions in a supportive atmosphere of discovery.  Excellent course and so worth doing.” 


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“In six weeks, almost everything in my life has shifted into clearer focus. I have spent a lot of time doing personal development work over the years, and there have been many books, teachers, and programs that have helped me to see things differently...but from day one of the Worthy Project, I started DOING things differently! Meadow's coaching style gave me the safe space I needed to look at the truth of where I've been and where I'm going. The Worthy Project called me back to myself.”


“At first, I didn't really know if I had any self-worth issues. I mean, I believed that I could have better self-esteem, but I didn't even know what the concept of worth meant. By the end of this class, I had a much clearer picture of the ceilings and limits I was putting on my own worth. I know what I want, and now that I'm open to receiving those things my life is changing. I am a better mom, a better teacher, a better friend, and a better daughter, and somehow, a second income that I wasn't expecting at all. I want everyone I know to take this class and start to see themselves as truly worthy.”


“The Worthy Project was a total game changer for me. I had never looked at my life and myself from such a powerful perspective. I learned so much about behavior patterns, making space and setting boundaries from the course. I actually feel happier knowing now that there is a much better way to structure my life so that I’m acknowledging and investing in my self worth instead of burning so much energy on things that drain my ability to live my best life. Five stars!”


“Not only did I find areas where I was selling myself short, limiting my possibilities, and acting from unworthiness, but I also found a way to stop doing all of that. Doing the work in this bootcamp of a self-development course led to small but important changes in my habits and immense shifts in my perception. This class has changed me irrevocably for the better and led to some amazing real-life changes that are unfolding even as I write this. Total game changer. I cannot recommend The Worthy Project enough. It's magical.”