About Meadow


Meadow is an internationally recognized yoga and personal development teacher with a modern approach to spirituality, money, and worthiness. Since 2007, she has led teacher trainings, inquiry classes and retreats both online and throughout the United States.

She's the author of Money Love: A Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money, and The Art of Wayfinding: Discover Your Inner Guide On and Off the Mat (January 2020, Llewellyn). She hosts the popular podcast Spiritualish. Meadow has been published in Woman’s Day Magazine, and has been published on many renowned blogs including Rebelle Society, Teach.Yoga, Enemy of Debt, and has had the pleasure of being a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

She speaks, writes and coaches extensively on how one’s relationship to money relates to deeply personal and spiritual issues that go far beyond spending, earning and debt. She believes that your relationship to money is an exact reflection of your deepest held beliefs about your own worth.

She lives with her daughter in a quiet beach town on California's Central Coast.